The Waters of WELLNESS


The imposed quarantine has forced thousands of people to suddenly adapt AND find the management tools to handle extended hours of shared space and engagement with family  without any preparation or instruction.

For many, adapting to this can be extremely overwhelming and difficult. It is not uncommon in conditions such as this for tension and conflict to arise.  

So, if you are struggling with the challenge of finding a sense of balance within your household,

You may find the waters of wellness to be a very useful navigational tool for guiding self and  others.The most important thing to remember is; there is NO perfect family dynamic. 

The key is to set PURE intentions. Be clear. 

Give yourself the time and the patience to work with the different temperatures of the waters of wellness. 

And remember; We are ALL works in progress.  Just as you are struggling with all this change, so are those around you. Be respectful, take it slow, ask for space and make space for others to do things differently. 


Firm is NOT the same as harsh.

Firm is secure with boundaries that provide structure, guidance and safety.

Harsh is harmful. 

Firm is healthy

Firm is NOT rigid. 

Firm is flexible and adaptable.

Rigid is harmful.

Firm is healthy

Firm is also NOT the only way.

Gentle is equally beneficial

Gentle is required to balance firm.

Gentle does NOT mean weak.

Gentle is powerful and secure with boundaries, guidance and safety too.

Gentle is the same water, but served at a different temperature.

Gentle prevents us from getting burned out or burning others.

Both temperatures are valuable, both are needed to be well.

Be mindful of the temperature in your own life, as well as with others, and serve accordingly. 

Published by thecode9project

The Code 9 Project is a national nonprofit whose mission is to educate, train and advocate for the prevention of First Responder PTSD and suicide.

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